This is your one-stop-shop for questions I get asked ALL THE TIME. The least I could do is save you some time, right? :]


I want you to shoot my newborn baby/children/family. What are your session prices?

Believe it or not – all photography is not created equal! Shooting beautiful brides, couples in luvvv, and high-pressured weddings is a whole different world from newborn, children, and family portraiture. To become an expert in an area, it’s important to specialize. Think about it: would you want a general surgeon operating on your brain? Of course not! You’d go with a brain surgeon who took the time to learn one area and knows it like the back of their hand. Photography should be the same.


But I love your style! I’m sure I’ll be pleased with your work regardless. Do you make exceptions?
Ocassionally. When I started dabbling in photography, I shot plenty of family & children sessions – even one newborn session! But the truth is, my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t feel like I could be as creative as I wanted to be. Couple, bridal, and wedding photography is where I feel I excel in and enjoy the most. However: from time to time, I offer mini-sessions. Interested peeps [like you!] can book me for ANYTHING, and I’ll shoot for 30 minutes. This is the only time I am willing to shoot children & families. Newborns freak me out. Tiny humans with soft spots and fragile new bodies scare me to death. Growing up, I’ve really never been around babies, so handling them makes me extremely nervous. I just prefer to admire the work rather than create it. :]


Can you recommend me a newborn/child/family portrait photographer that is similar to your style?
Definitely! I have an awesome network of photog-friends who I recommend when I’m unavailable, booked, or don’t feel comfortable taking on the project. I would trust them whole heartedly and you should too! Drop me a line, and I’ll get you connected with one of them!


I saw you’ve done some maternity sessions! Technically that’s a couple’s session, so will you do mine?
Eh, maybe. Being pregnant is a very intimate experience. A lot of women embrace it, while others are  insecure with how the body has changed to house the little one. Saying that, I prefer to work with expecting mothers who I know personally (i.e. we’ve had a beer together at one point, we have each other’s number in our cell phone, you won’t give me a dirty look if I rub on your baby bump, etc.). The only other way I’ll do a maternity session is if you are ready to rock that belly like it’s a new Coach purse you got on sale. I mean it. Uncomfortable mommas end up making me feel uncomfortable, and that inhibits creativity. So if you’re not up for going all out, then neither am I. Like any session, I’d love to sit down in person to make sure we’re a great fit for each other, so email me so we can set something up.


I’m shopping around for a wedding photographer. Any tips?
Yes!! I wrote a blog all about it! Read it here.


How much do you charge for engagement sessions, bridal sessions, and wedding coverage?
Check out my investment page to learn more about options that are available and a starting price. If you want more details, you’ll have to contact me directly.


What other sessions do you have available?
As mentioned above, I occasionally shoot mini-sessions and maternity, but I also enjoy doing the following:
– Boudoir [tasteful and classy, of course]
– Trash the Dress
– Fashion/Stylized
– Pets [the only little ones I enjoy to shoot]
– The Day After
– High School Seniors
– Events


I have no idea what I want to do for my engagement/bridal/etc. session. Can you help?
Most definitely! When you book me, I’ll send you a guide that will help your prepare for your particular shoot. But if you need a little more hand-holding, I loveeeee brainstorming consultations. If need be, I’ll come pick you up and we’ll go ridin’ looking for locations together. I’ll even go through your closet and help you pick out something to wear! During consultations, we discuss props and accessories, and the type of style you’re going for. Pinterest is our friend! We can make your session as simple or as detailed as you want it to be, but the more time we have to plan and research, the better.


How do I officially book you?
Well, we have to see if I’m available first. Send me your wedding date or preferred session date, and I’ll let you know if I’m available. If I’m not, and you’re flexible, I’ll let you know what days you can have me all to yourself. If one of those dates work, awesome! If not, sorry charlie. I book up fasttttttttt. Depending on the service, I’ll write up a contract including everything you want. We’ll get together in person, via telephone, via Skype, via FaceTime, via [insert any communication device here], and go over the contract together to make sure we’re on the same page. For weddings, to officially take your wedding date off of my availability calendar, a signed contract and 1/3 of the total package price is due. For sessions, 1/2 is due to reserve the date. If I don’t receive the contract and/or the deposit, then that date is still fair game to any other bride who is interested. However, I don’t drop you high & dry. If I have someone else interested in the date you showed interest in first, I give you 1 week to put down the deposit to make it yours. If I don’t hear from you in after a week, I release it to the other interested bride. In a similar fashion, if you request a date for a session or wedding, and you haven’t put down deposit within a week after you confirmed you want it or received the contract, I will attempt to contact you twice. If I don’t receive a response, I will automatically release the date – no matter if there’s someone interested or not. Free weekends are rare for me anymore, so please be prompt in communication and with payment so you can claim what’s rightfully yours!


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