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<— Yep, this is me. A fiery, quirky, southern gal, who is into everything, hates not being busy, and can’t keep a certain hair color more than 5 months. I break rules – sometimes it gets me in trouble, but most of the time, it works in my favor. First and foremost, photography is a passion and creative outlet for me – not a job. The day it becomes a job, I’m gone to follow another calling. I take chances behind the lens and in life; the world is already too full of boring photography and people. I’m freakin’ hilarious and I smile a lot – there’s no reason not to. I love hard, get attached to things way too easily, but I’m tough. I cry like a baby at every wedding I go to, and I’ll be right beside you on the dance floor for the “Wobble”.

I go by my middle name Paige, but you can call me Kerri too. Undoubtedly it’s weird to go by middle names? IDK. My [NEW!] husband McKinley goes by his middle name too, so obviously it’s fate that we’re together. I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, then attended the University of South Carolina Aiken where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Business.  College was great – I miss Aiken every day, but am lucky to be able to visit so often thanks to my friends who couldn’t escape the Black Hole that is Aiken, which leads to me doing a lot of business in the CSRA. I now reside in West Columbia, SC in my cute little bungalow with my adorable Tobyshark who is the light of my life. As you can see below, he’s quite the gentleman.

I’m going to love the hell out of your session/wedding. I mean it. I constantly try to outdo myself and make your session and/or wedding the best one I have ever shot. I obsess over our time together. I brainstorm, I visit sites prior to shooting, I pinterest like crazy [who doesn’t?]; all this homework pays off so that your session is completely different than anything I’ve done before. Why? Because I want you to feel that you got something a totally customized, special, one in a million experience with me, and that you walk away with images that aren’t cookie cutter and a replica of what everyone else is doing.

And to be honest? We’re going to become best friends during all of this. Out of all of the vendors you work with for your wedding, you interact with with your photographer the most. Make sure you like them and aren’t stuck with someone who doesn’t get you, who doesn’t let their hair down every once in a while, who doesn’t want to connect with you as a friend rather than a client. I am a big fan of professionalism, but I’m also fun and friendly, and I genuinely want to get to know you and your story, and not disappear after I send you your images.

So recap: I’m fun. I’m professional. I know what I’m doing. I’m going to love the hell out of your shoot with me, anddddd I want to be your friend. If you like what you’ve heard [errr… read], send me a message. I’d love to hear from you! xo


meighan - January 22, 2012 - 12:01 pm

You are absolutely amazing! Tucker woke me up way too early so I’m going to try and go back to sleep BUT I will be back….and I will write more. :)

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