stephanie :: bridal session in hephzibah, ga

Remember that week in November when the weather was RIDICULOUSLY warm, and everyone was all excited that they could shed a couple of winter-wear layers for a wee bit?!

Yeah, this wasn’t that week. The nice weather I speak of came two days later. -___-

Don’t let those blue skies and sunlight fool you! In addition to the 50 degree weather, the wind was our enemy, so we had to go with it. But you wouldn’t be able to tell that Stephanie was freezing in any of these images from her bridal session because she is a freakin’ CHAMP!  And no matter how CRAZY my requests were, she did them.

Stephanie, let’s go inside the fence with the horses. Okay!

Stephanie, climb up on top of that hay bail. Sure!

Stephanie, sit against the cold metal plane. Alrighty!

She was a photographer’s absolute dream, and what we got is nothing less that MAGIC. We even learned that wires hooked up to a fence means it will shock you, and horses LOVE roses and will try to eat them if you get too close. There is certainly never a dull moment as a photographer. :]

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